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Razer is famous for their rather excellent gaming hardware. Keyboards, mice and headphones make up the majority of the company’s products, but their latest announcement is more on the software side of things. Razer wants to make sure you get the best deals on games, and that’s exactly what Cortex does.

Razer revealed Cortex last night, an extension of their previous Game Booster software that helped PC game performance by closing background applications. Those features are still there, including the ability to capture screenshots and keep saved games a little safer, but Cortex is interesting for an entirely different reason.

It’s hard to keep up with gaming deals from all these different digital distribution services, but Cortex aims to streamline this. Create a wish list and let Cortex automatically scan multiple online services for the best price, as well as notify you when a game goes on sale. According to the press release:

Razer’s 10 million global users will get a competitive edge on the best deals across their favorite stores such as Amazon, Gamersgate, Gamestop,, Green Man Gaming, Steam and Origin, with more to come.

Cortex will also monitor your gaming habits, suggesting games you may enjoy based on what you’ve been playing. It’s like opening up Steam daily to check for any good deals, except now you’re searching everywhere. Wallets worldwide are already cowering on corners.

Cortex is currently in early alpha testing, with Razer expecting to launch it on September 10th for Windows.

Last Updated: August 26, 2014

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