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Finding Irrelevant Info About Games Sucks!

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What is your favorite online game, and how do you follow its news? There are many information sources – from official to unofficial, community-maintained.

Some of those sources are unreliable. Sometimes the information is outdated, which often happens on fans-maintained wiki pages, such as Fandom.

Usually, you’d visit game-related wikis to find something specific about the game you’re playing. Weapon stats or character abilities are what you expect to see there. Isn’t it disappointing when the wiki you visit just doesn’t have the latest weapons or characters?

Many fan websites suffer from the lack of management and authors who either don’t have the time to update their databases or simply aren’t too invested into doing so. The same goes for game news. Some websites miss out on the opportunity to inform their readers about upcoming updates or events. You wouldn’t enjoy reading “Breaking News” article about an event that came out last week.

There’s also an issue that is sort of common among sites that publish guides – you don’t really know who wrote them. There’s no telling if the author actually knows enough about the subject to be able to write guides that someone will read and follow. Imagine what it would feel like to follow a misleading guide, committing your time and efforts and not get anything as a result. The validity and credibility of sources is an important factor of any gaming resource. So, where does one find a trustworthy gaming resource?

A Gaming News Blog With a Secret Weapon

How about one blog that covers all of your favorite games and does it timely and never misses a chance to update older articles and guides? A place where you can find both Apex Legends guides and read up on the latest Warzone News is real.

Sure, most news websites can tell you the same. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to be someone’s echo, right? But how about a blog where you can also find information shared by real pro players?

We’re talking Esports-level pros here! How would you like to read guides that have been made with the assistance of top players in your game? We work directly with pro players who come forward to share their knowledge and experience with everyone and we transform that data into clear and fun to read articles.

All of our contributors can be found on the leaderboards of the games that they play and talk about, so our readers can be rest assured that our sources are all very much credible. So, to summarise, what do we offer? We offer news articles, previews and overviews of everything that’s going on in the most popular games as well as in-depth guides, deep-dives, and exclusive insights from our pros that you will not find anywhere else!

Everyone who wants to stay informed about the updates on their favorite games can also subscribe to a newsletter, so they will never miss a new publication! You’re welcome to check it all out on Legionfam!

Last Updated: August 5, 2021

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