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Fire Emblem Three Houses announced for Nintendo Switch

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You ever wanted a fantastic strategy experience with real consequences for throwing your troops directly into battle with reckless abandon? Then Nintendo’s Fire Emblem is the series to tickle your strategy bones. On the Nintendo 3DS, the series has experienced a massive resurrection over the years thanks to Awakening, Revelations and Shadows of Valentia reimagining the RTS gameplay for a new audience.

Gameplay which is now taking another step forward onto the Nintendo Switch with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Nintendo’s first reveal of a proper Fire Emblem looks bigger, bolder and grander than ever, with a pretty solid refresh of its visuals that gives the action larger armies for players to command in battle. It’ll be out in the US Spring, just in time for me to get my emotions ready when my favourite warrior falls in battle.

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

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