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First blatant sex game on the Xbox Marketplace

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There was a mini uproar about those supposed masseuse games on the Xbox Live marketplace as we all knew what they were really being downloaded for.

Well it seems that Microsoft are not as stuffy as we previously thought and are in fact okay with slightly more risqué games on the marketplace.

Break One Out is the first game ever to receive a 3 out of 3 sex rating on the marketplace and is apparently available to be downloaded right now for a mere 200 points.

According to OXM it’s not a very good game but I doubt that’s going to matter to the people who will buy it. I checked on my Xbox and I can’t find the thing anywhere, maybe it’s a limited release?

I am interested to see if it shows up on Major Nelsons list next week though and what else we could possibly expect from the community now that this has been approved.

Source: OXM

And yes the image gets bigger if you click on it and I mean this in the nicest possible way but she doesn’t look like a model to me, I wonder if that’s the developer or his better half which is all a little odd if it is.

Last Updated: March 27, 2009

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