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First Borderlands 2 review is out

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Borderlands 2 is releasing in just a few short weeks now and I for one am massively excited to re-enter the world of Pandora and take on everything it has to offer in all its cell shaded 4 player co-op beauty. We’ve already raved about it here and here and the first official review hasn’t dampened my spirits any.

According to a blog going by the name, fancensus, the first official review has been released by the Gamemaster magazine in the UK and they have given the game a solid 95%.


I don’t know if these guys have broken an embargo or not but I’m sure we’re going to start seeing a long list of reviews hitting the Internet shortly and if this one is anything to go by we’re all in for a treat when Borderlands 2 releases on the 21st of September.

Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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