First Dead Space review scores high

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The first verdict for EA’s impressive survival horror game is in – and the score will keep fans excited. The latest Box World 360 mag, on shelves today, awards the survival horror game 91%, claiming that Resident Evil developer Capcom should take note, “Because EA can teach them a thing or three about survival horror.”

They even likened the games atmosphere to Bioshock, saying“It’s Rapture in space: every bit as disturbing, just as meticulously designed and easily as believable. The strategic dismemberment system, enforces a much more tactical approach and makes other horror game foes look “decidedly average”.

As I said I’m getting really excited for this game and do believe despite what Nick may say or think that Dead Space will be the Resident Evil killer, no wonder there have also been reports today of infighting at Capcom. I wonder if a bit of stress and pressure is starting to creep in?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 3, 2008

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