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First Gears of War 3 review breaks embargo 9.8/10

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And this is no surprise, a smaller website who somehow got their hands on a copy of Gears of War 3 has decided to break embargo to steal the limelight.

Their review is still currently live and has a final score of 9.8/10 which is great news for all Gears fans even if that score isn’t going to be repeated by the bigger sites.

The official embargo is dropping in a few hours and subsequently we are going to be seeing a storm of Gears of War 3 news flood the Internet today and from my time with the game I suspect the vast majority of news is going to be very good indeed and the average reviews are likely to around 9/10

Whether beingnerdy.com is going to ever see an early review again is up for debate as someone going by the name of Mark Rein has left a comment stating they weren’t even given a review and that their legal department has been contacted to follow up on this.

Granted we don’t know if it’s Mark Rein himself or just an imposter but either way you know Microsoft and Epic are going to be upset about this. Never mind the bigger game sites who have organised exclusives that this site has now stolen…

Ah the fight for pageviews is something unique that defines this decade.

Source: Beingnerdy.com

Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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