First Jurassic Park screens (well magazine scans)

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I actually got to watch Jurassic Park (the movie) again a few weeks ago and while the special effects are now looking a little dated the actual movie is still an incredible experience.

It is such a legendary movie that it really is quite surprising that it has taken this long for someone to try and put together a quality game about it. Whether Telltale get it right or not is going to be the big question but according to a new feature in Game Informer they are planning on making the title dark and serious and it will be a mix of action, puzzles and QTE’s.

Geoff seems to think it sounds like Heavy Rain.

Anyway enough of that, here are the only screen out at the moment showing us what Jurassic Park will look like on the console.

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Source: Playfront

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

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