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First look at MoH Warfighter’s Zero Dark Thirty

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The Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack DLC for Medal of Honor Warfighter is a DLC about the Osama bin Laden assassination, the trailer looks good, but not sure if it’s too soon to be putting it in a game or not.

Typically political bad guys have been put in many a military shooter, naturally. But usually it’s some one, or a real life story that goes way back in history. Whether we like to admit it or not, political situations like the bin Laden assassination linger on in the world for a long time and I can’t help but feel it might be way too soon to add this to a game. But then again, there’s a movie being made, so maybe people have gotten over it and find it okay to exploit such a thing for entertainment value.

The DLC is available free of charge with the Limited or Deluxe Editions of Warfighter and inspired by the decade manhunt for bin Laden and will feature maps Darra Gun market and Chitral Compound. Darra is filled with dozens of back-alley shops and self-taught machinists making guns where as Chitral is a highly inaccessible place which was thought to be one of bin Laden’s hideouts.

Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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