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First look at new 360 Viva Pinata

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Penguins... I love penguins

Why is it that all the cool announcements are now starting to happen on the weekend or Monday morning US time?  I am going to have to find myself a weekend warrior to keep up.

Anyway to the point, it was rumoured last week and has now been confirmed. Viva Pinata, one of the best games on the 360, is about to get a real sequel.

The original VP suffered from bad marketing and now even though it is bundled with most 360 packages it is still not getting the love that it deserves. If you haven’t played Viva Pinata you owe it to yourself to try it out.

It’s not a kiddies game even if it looks like one. However be warned, my 360 was taken away from me for about 100 hours so my significant other could finish the first one so you may want to invest in a second console as well.

I don’t know to much about the follow up but I will be keeping my eyes open now, so far it looks like our gardens will be bigger, we will have some new animals and the seasons seem to change as well and best of all…. it looks like we are getting multi-player….

Click the link for more screenshots

First look at new 360 Viva Pinata | DarkZero

Last Updated: May 12, 2008

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