First Look At Prince Of Persia Movie Posters – Who's The Pretty Lady?

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As 2010 rolls nearer, even more information and images are being released for the new Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie.

We have had a few on-set photos and even one movie grab, but today we get to look at the first 2 movie posters for the up and coming film. One has to question Jake Gyllenhaal’s role as a Persian man, but to be honest I am still so amazed at how awesome his armor looks that I couldn’t really care less. Movies based on games need as much talent involved as possible and good ol’ Jake knows his stuff.

There is also a very lovely lass in the second poster, which I looked up for just for you, our awesome readers. Turns out it’s a woman by the name of Gemma Arterton who played a role in Quantum of Solace (which I haven’t seen – explains a lot).

Check out the posters of the flick after the jump.


Source: EmpireOnline [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: July 21, 2009

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