First Lost & The Damned Preview Up, Trailers too!

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And it looks phenomenal. I don’t know how Eurogamer snagged this but they are a lucky lucky bunch.

Rockstar are developing a real knack for creating interesting characters and compelling narratives. Nico Bellic was the best character yet in the GTA series, and his story kept me kept me plugging through the main story. The new lead, Johnny Klebitz, is another minority- he is Jewish. A Jewish biker, that seems like a contradictory statement.

His story revolves around being the second in command of The Lost biker gang. Their rivals are the Angels of Darkness, which thankfully has nothing to do with a similarly name Eidos game. So instead of keeping up the near constant gang war with said Angels, he has focused the business on less violent affairs with the Commander in Chief was in hospital. Said commander comes back, wants to kick the teeth out of the Angels, Johnny isn’t that keen to fill a shallow grave, conflict follows.

So concludes my dreadful summary of the games base plot, as I don’t know what really follows after that. I do know, however, know that Johnny wont be flying solo on his missions. He will usually have some of his crew helping him out. That should keep the usual GTA mechanic interesting.

Head here to read a better written, actual hands-on preview. If you excuse me, I’m going to go drool at the screenshots for a bit longer.

Release date is 17th of February, get those 1600 MS points ready. Check after the jump for trailers


Sources: Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 26, 2009

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