First NFS: Hot Pursuit DLC incoming

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This year’s other racing game, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is about to get its first batch of paid for DLC entitled The Super Sports Pack. That sounds fast and expensive… the cars that is, not necessarily the DLC. This DLC isn’t to be confused with the free DLC that we’ll all get as soon as a video on Youtube is watched a million times; I think we’re just over half way to that. Come on people; free DLC man!

The Super Sports Pack will bring with it new achievements and trophies, twelve new events and six new cars. Technically you get three new cars because the other three are the cop versions. The cars in question are the Porsche 911 GT2, Bugatti Veyron SS and the Gumpert Apollo, all of which get tasteful paint jobs and epilepsy-friendly lights swapped out for the garish and flashy cop equivalents. Oh! There’s a trailer but you have to click through before I show it to you; I want to make you work for your excitement today.

No release date or how much this will set you back as yet, but to be honest they kind of had me at “new achievements”. Also, is it lame that I’ve never heard of a Gumpert Apollo but totally want one anyway?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: December 8, 2010

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