First pictures of E3 2010

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If E3 was going to be judged purely on the size of the banners on display then the winner would be undisputed and it would be Ubisoft with Assassins’s Creed Brotherhood… This poster is possibly the biggest billboard I have ever seen in my life.

If you look at the full size image below you can see 4 cranes parked in front of it…

We also have pictures of EA Gun Club, Crysis 2, Final Fantasy XIV, APB, Fallout New Vegas and other smaller posters and stands.

Oh and don’t miss the Virgin Gaming armoured vehicle at the bottom, there obviously here for a big fight.

AC2Poster APB Crysis2 E3-2010-misc1 E3-2010-misc2 FalloutNewVegas FinaFantasyStairs IGN-GunClub VriginGaming

We have the Project Natal briefing in less than 24 hours, stay tuned for all our feedback from the event as soon as we get back to the hotel.

Last Updated: June 13, 2010

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