First post-release No Man’s Sky patch out now on PC and PS4

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No Man's Sky first post launch patch 2

No Man’s Sky didn’t launch in the best state. On PS4 the game suffered numerous, scary hard crashes, performance slowdowns and an array of bugs that would exhaust your emergency can of Doom in a heartbeat. The same could be said for PC, which in many ways was sometimes even worse given the different hardware configurations the game simply couldn’t handle. Hello Games have been working tirelessly on a patch though, and it’s ready for download.

Out of beta and in the wild for good, you should be greeted with a patch on both PC and PS4 for No Man’s Sky the next time you boot it up. Hello Games have yet to release an official change log for the patch, but it’s likely to include everything (and a little more) from the beta patch notes that went out a little earlier this week. That means performance fixes, bug squashing and more, as Hello Games holds back on new content until the game is running at an acceptable level.

Sean Murray says that he and his team are completely focused on customer support for the time being, as new and interesting bug are discovered by players in the ever evolving universe that is No Man’s Sky. The latest seems to be a direct consequence of the patch (at least on PC). Players are reporting that the game is not allowing them to save after a while – neither automatically or manually. The fix involves the player having to commit suicide to jumpstart it again, which is sometimes easier said than down in the tranquil exploration of the infinite universe.

Still, there’s a lot more wrong with No Man’s Sky than just technical and performance issues. Hello Games have yet to address many questions that fans have regarding some missing content, radically altered ideas from recent marketing and the general lack of things to do in the game. There’s certainly players enjoying it, but most of the critical response has been lukewarm at best. Just like my own review from earlier this week.

So Hello Games might be working hard to keep current players happy, but it’s a universe I don’t see myself personally returning to anytime soon.

Last Updated: August 19, 2016

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