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First Spore patch released

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After all the controversy and internet hate that Spore and its draconian DRM have been receiving it was really only a matter of time until EA did something about it.

Well the first patch is here, it fixes a number of bugs and tweaks some game play settings. Some of the visuals and textures have been upgraded as well. A full list of features can be found here.

EA has also responded about the DRM stating their intentions to increase the number of allowed installations to 5 as well as adding a system to “de-authorize” computers and reclaim the install token used. Spore will now also allow multiple screen names per account for families trying to play the game. This comes not long after EA made similar changes to the DRM of upcoming RTS Red Alert 3, and after Spore’s DRM protest spread to in-game creature designs. The DRM patch however is not dated and not part of the above mentioned patch.

Weather this will be enough, time will tell, the DRM is still there and I’m sure not everyone is going to be happy till it’s completely gone.


Last Updated: September 22, 2008

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