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First StarCraft 2 player officially recognised as an athlete by America

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Dong... lol

We all know that the most lucrative and successful eSports competitions occur in America and we also know that most of the really good StarCraft 2 players are based in Korea. This unfortunate situation has resulted in many of the highest paid gamers not being the best gamers.

Well back in May this year the American government officially decreed that eSports athletes are equal to other athletes and that rule change has now changed a young South Korean mans life forever.

Kim ‘Violet’ Dong Hwan is a 23 year old professional StarCraft 2 player from South Korea who has competed in America a few times while being there on a student visa.

However his student visa then expired and all attempts to get a new one were rejected by the immigration agency. As a last resort Kim recently applied for a P-1A visa which is a visa specifically created for top tier athletes to train and perform in America for a period of 5 years, after which he can then apply again.

This is the same visa that many swimmers and gymnasts (to name just two) use to live in America while perfecting their sport.

And the good news is that Kim has now been granted that visa which means for the next 5 years at least he is able to compete in all the American competitions and will be in line for millions in prize money.

So all you guys and girls studying Masters and and PHD’s in an attempt to capture an American visa are doing it wrong. Back in the basement with all of you.

And yes I’m planning on going to Home Affairs to get a new middle name of Dong as well, because I’m childish.

Last Updated: December 12, 2013

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