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Five Best Video Games Proven to Reduce Anxiety During Studies

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Many people turn to video games when they want to unwind after a stressful day or a hard situation. Gaming is one of the best ways to relax because it can take your mind off anything causing anxiety. 

Some video games may help you move away from negative thoughts, while others are designed to reduce anxiety. Different people face anxiety differently, so it is essential to respond to an attack by choosing the best video games for this purpose.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen (available here on the App store), is suitable for both Android and iOS, is a brain-driven video game useful for breaking the stress and anxiety cycle. This game has been going through a series of trials and has been found to have the ability to reduce stress, especially during studies. 

Personal Zen is all about the grassy ground with a happy face and a sad face. Every time the faces disappear, the players should find the sparkles that have been left behind by one of the faces. Playing this game may help the brain to remain focused on the less threatening option. 


The Flower was not initially designed to treat anxiety and depression but was intended for positive emotions. The game is relaxing and does not require too much effort from the players. The main aim is to control the wind by making it blow a petal of a flower in different fields and gardens.

A petal touching the flower means that more petals must join the group. The Flower game does not involve a dialogue but has serene and beautiful scenes to create a relaxing mood. The best way to enjoy playing this game is by doing it continuously and without thinking of other tasks ahead of you. 

Have fun playing games without paying attention to your studies

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Bejeweled is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and PC and is one of the best puzzle games known to reduce anxiety among players. Due to its mental benefits, you can play this game in between tough study sessions. Playing Bejeweled 2 and other related games such as Peggle and Bookworm Adventure is known to boost mood and reduce anxiety.


PRISM is aimed at distracting players from issues that cause stress and anxiety, according to im-a-puzzle.com. This puzzle game lets players unfold various shapes and put the pieces in the correct places to reveal the centers of those shapes.

It is a thirteen-level game, so it keeps the players focused and engaged until they finish the task. It has no time limits, so the participants can play for as long as they want. The calming soundtrack in the game keeps the players calm and reduces anxiety so that you can concentrate on your studies and prepare for exams. 


Skills from computer games such as creativity, imagination, problem-solving and social skills are part of the everyday life of any student. SuperBetter can improve your mental health and enable you to acquire such skills. 

SupperBetter, which is compatible with Android and iOS, takes the form of handling anxiety in the form of a game. The game has been proven through randomized control trials and clinical trials to build anxiety resilience. It also comes with power-ups to help in throws and quests to deal with everyday obstacles.

Download it from Google Play.

Games increase concentration when studying: main advantage

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Many students find themselves anxious in college because they have too much work to complete, yet time may be limited. Playing video games goes beyond leisure- it is a way of dealing with stress and anxiety when studying. It is exciting and interesting to try new games, so pick any from the above list and see your study life change.

Last Updated: February 25, 2022

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