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Five Old XBLA Games Getting Avatar Updates

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In other New Xbox Experience news today, Microsoft’s Gamerscore Blog has announced that five previously released Xbox Live Arcade titles will be getting updated to include support for Microsoft Avatars when the new features launch on November 19.

The games include Bomberman Live, Small Arms, Uno, Hardwood Spades, and Hardwood Hearts. Disappointingly, it doesn’t seem like either Bomberman Live or Small Arms will actually let you play as your Avatar. Bomberman Live will instead only show your Avatar in menus and representing you at the top of the screen during gameplay, and it seems to be the same with Small Arms as well. Uno, Spades, and Hearts will make similar use, by having your Avatar represent you where your gamer picture appeared before.

Curiously, the Gamerscore Blog also teased a new, unannounced XBLA game that will launch with Avatar support on November 19, but they gave no details on what it’s about. “Stay tuned for more info about this game in the coming weeks,” is all they would divulge. We’ll pass along that info as soon as we get it. If Microsoft really want to take avatars beyond just being the much better Mii, then they are really going to need to give them more to do in games, beating the stuffing out of each other in Small Arms would have been great!

Source: Gamescoreblog

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

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