Flamebait Friday Debate: Have you ever judged a game by its cover?

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Earlier this morning, we were talking about how DOOM was going to give its fans a choice of alternative covers. Covers which look a trillion times better than the current generic box art that copies of the game will be shipped out in. And that’s a lost art, it really is. With PC games having long ago shed their mortal physical form to be more of a digital offering, box art covers have been in decline ever since.

Pick any shooter game these days, and chances are that the cover for said game will feature a lone soldier strolling away from the chaos behind him, with the colours of teal and orange dominating. Art like that, is massively boring. And it shouldn’t be that way at all. This generation has given birth to numerous artists, digital painters who can crank out all manner of beauty on a tablet and use various programs to create visuals that you could never have imagined.

And that’s an influence born from an earlier age of gaming. An age where PC box art was big, bulky and in yo face boyeee. This was an era where demons ruled, blood wasn’t something to avoid and every cover looked like it belonged in the Louvre. So much so, that you probably bought a game or two based on the cover art alone.

So tell us, which games sold you with love at first sight? Which game covers were gorgeous, stunning masterpieces that set your eyeballs ablaze? Do you even have some of them? Let us know below.

Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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