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Flamebait Friday Debate: What was your first game?

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Yesterday was March 10th, also known as MAR10 day. For many of us from the older generation, Mario was one of the first games we ever played. I remember watching my brother play it was a kid, and the joy I had when I finally had the fine motor skills necessary to play it myself (without just dying in the first minute). But since I had to share it and other games with my brother, I’m not sure it counts as my first game.

Being a younger sister, I almost always had to share gaming experiences with my big brother. Or, more aptly put, he had to share them with me. It was only as he got older and less interested in gaming that I was able to play games to completion on my own.

The first game I ever beat without watching someone else do it first was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on PC. It was an MS DOS game and I remember using the almanac to find out what country he had traveled to next – I had to look up foreign currencies and flags. Perhaps that was my first ever use of a cheat.

It’s hard for me to remember which game I played totally on my own to completion. I was thinking it was Final Fantasy II or III, but I believe I had to share the controller still then. Secret of Mana I played as couch co-op, so that doesn’t really count.

I think my first ever game that was all mine that I played from start to finish was either Secret of Evermore or Chrono Trigger. No wonder I have such fond memories of both, and it makes sense why both games have continued to inform the genres and gameplay elements that I enjoy so much to this day – single-player RPGs for life!

What was your first gaming experience? Did you also have to wait before you could play games on your own? Or did you start by playing with friends and continue that tradition to this day?

Last Updated: March 11, 2016

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