Flamebait Friday Debate: Gears Of War, Uncharted – Great Games With Terrible Endings. Why?

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This week’s FFD comes thanks to reader @Milni06 who brought up the topic of game endings on Twitter this week.

The problem seems to be that many video game developers really fall short when it comes to delivering that all-too-important final BANG when all is said and done. You see, its not just about the final cinematic, but the final portion of the game as well that makes it so important.

Sure, we want stories to wrap up nicely or endings to be epic and amazing, but none of that matters if the game ends on a downer. This is easily screwed up with a terrible final boss battle or anti-climatic final sequence.

Why do game endings suck so often? What would you do to fix them? Let’s talk about everything to do with endings. Also feel free to list your worst and best endings in the comments.


I actually went back and watched the Uncharted 2 ending again on Youtube after writing this post, and while some people weren’t big fans of the final gameplay sequences, I still thought the ending was really awesome and I loved their use of the characters. More of that for me please.

Last Updated: November 19, 2010

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