Flamebait Friday Debate: Has The PS Move Come To A Standstill?

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Remember the Playstation Move, that cool sex toy with a luminous squash ball attached to the end of it? Yeah haha, they were released back in 2010, I remember playing on one.

Seriously though, is the Move completely dead? Kevin Butler ads, large marketing campaigns, promises of pure awesome-sauce and more – and now – not too far down the line, it’s almost as if Sony is sweeping it under the rug.

Microsoft may not be doing the things with Kinect that they promised, but by Kudo’s beard they are still trying everything to keep it going and constantly adding support.

What has Sony done? Not much at all and to make it worse, everything seems to be resting on Sorcery, a game that hasn’t even proven that it’s worthy of any hype at all just yet.

Are we done? Is the PS Move dead?

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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