Flamebait Friday Debate: Most Overhyped, Undeserving Franchises

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We all know what I’m on about here, right? As gamers, we are all aware of the hard hitters, the console sellers and the money makers in the industry.

There’s a ton of big names out there, some of them popular because they’re just so damn good, and others that remain on top thanks to a fanboy following that refuses to recognise their favorite franchises downfalls.

Is Halo God’s gift to online gaming, or just a worn out old useless shooter that lives on its fanboys alone? What about franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy? Are they really still keeping up with the new goods from the west? What about the time that we wait, is Gran Turismo 5 really, really worth the long waiting period (Starcraft 2 and Alan Wake fit into that category as well).

Dare I even mention games like World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto. Some say they are the best games ever, others think they are nothing but shallow time sinks that no one wants to waste hours of their lives on.

Your turn. I’ve named a few of the big names, but there are plenty more out there. Which franchises do you think are undeserving of their names’ fame and fortune.*cough*modern*cough*warfare2

Last Updated: August 13, 2010

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