Flamebait Friday Debate: The Words That Will Destroy Handheld Gaming

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“Agh, nevermind… I’ve got my phone with me anyways”.

These are the words that ran through my head the other day, moments before leaving the house. These very words materialized in my mind while I was standing at my front door, looking at my Nintendo 3DS on my desk, wondering if I should take it along.

I thought about it for a moment… realised that I had my game-packed iPhone in my pocket, and decided to rather not pack the extra weight. I have quick games, full on point-and-click adventures, even full shooters, in there, at all times, I didn’t even have to take any extra cartridges with.

Will those simple words be the demise of handhelds as we know it?

Last Updated: June 17, 2011

Nick De Bruyne

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