Flamebait Friday Debate – What Ever Happened To The Playstation Move?

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Remember the Playstation Move? It was those those motion controller glow-ball thingies that were released for the Playstation 3 at some point and were supposed to be all accurate and stuff.

So really, what happened to the Playstation Move? Our comment threads were full of Kinect vs Move comments for the last year or so and since the Move has been released, it’s been very quiet. I think it’s about time we asked what the heck happened. Release day for the Move was fairly quiet and I personally expected my Twitter feed to generate way more buzz in the community than it did.

It seems like some people went out to buy it as planned, while others backed down at the last moment and decided to keep their money for a short while longer. There are a lot of factors involved with why someone would or wouldn’t buy the Move at launch, but I will leave those for you to discuss. So here’s what we want to know:

Did you buy the Move at launch or did you hold off? If you did, are you still using it or is it already collecting dust while you wait for the first hardcore software to release? Is the Move worth it in the end, or should the hardcore gamers just hang on to their money and rather spend it on great games?

It’s Friday folks, the gloves are off, let’s hear it.

Last Updated: October 29, 2010

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