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Flappy Royale is a thing and why do I keep playing it?

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Crossing the massive success of the battle royale genre and the eternal throne of memedom upon which Flappy Bird sits, I’m surprised we didn’t get this sooner.


One thing you can say about the Internet, love it or hate, is that it never knows when to let a good meme die young. Although, maybe that’s not so bad in this case as the now iconic game of 2014, Flappy Bird, has just had it’s DNA crossed with the hot sauce of the hour: Battle Royale. Honestly, it doesn’t take a veteran of the industry to figure out how something like this might work. You get a bird, you spruce it up with a hat, you compete against 99 other birds to see how far you can get in the never-ending onslaught of pipes. Last bird flapping is the winner. But you already knew that.


So I tested it out for a bit, because I’m nothing if not a committed video game journalist – and I can’t stop playing it? I’m not entirely sure if the ghosts you’re competing against are real players or just a collection of previously captured runs but I’ll be damned if I hit that retry button way more times than I’m willing to admit. I struggle to believe it’s actual live players you’re competing against, considering the games starts instantly despite a brief loading period at the very start.


Look, it’s obviously a super silly thing so don’t expect it to consume hours of your life, but at the same time it seems just engaging enough to play in an office that may have otherwise blocked YouTube and Twitch. It’s playable right through your browser, just click here.  Am I advising you to waste your employer’s time? No. Am I saying that playing Flappy Royale during office hours is the key to overthrowing capitalism once and for all?


Last Updated: July 1, 2019

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