Flyover of Total War: Warhammer campaign map shows sheer scale

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Total War Warhammer greenskin

Total War has always been totally impressive. Huge fields filled with ranks of soldiers prepared to smash up against each other – it has always been about military might, massive battles and varied strategy. I was already intrigued by the size and diversity of factions and units in Total War: Warhammer, but this latest trailer makes the maps looks equally varied and stunning.

Here is the in-engine cinematic trailer for the Grimgor Ironhid campaign:

The greenskin legendary lord doesn’t go more than two days without a fight, crushing entire settlements. However, what makes this trailer so cool to watch is the range of cities and terrain available to conquer. With the Badlands in the South and the Chaos Wastes in the North, there are plenty of enemies to fight and land to claim in epic battles.

I know it’s just because of the fantasy element to the game, but this feels almost like a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit game in some ways. Always wanted to fight your way into Minas Tirith? Well, just squint a bit and you could probably pretend that you’re doing just that. The campaigns will probably keep players quite grounded in the Warhammer lore, but if you choose to play against friends instead, I’m sure you could recreate some pretty iconic fantasy battles from across a range of lore. Just be prepared for your mighty war cry of WAAAAGH!

Total War: Warhammer is coming 28 April 2016 and will probably end up as a massive time sink for far too many Total War and Warhammer fans.

Last Updated: November 26, 2015

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