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Ascendant Justice

For many, Halo was a lot of noise about, ultimately, a run of the mill shooter. All the claims of the epic scale of the plot were vastly overblown by the pre-launch marketing and hype. Or was it?

I’ll be the first to admit that, on a surface level, Halo appears to have the shallowest of storylines. ‘Space marine fights alien menace to save humanity’ is pretty much the plot from the original Doom, if you replace ‘alien menace’ with ‘demonic menace.’ While a whole slew of related books were released, I also concede that the average gamer shouldn’t have to read a book to figure out the plot to a game.

Ascendant Justice2As such, I personally feel that a large part of the problem is that the plot to Halo was presented poorly. It required a lot of legwork from the player, and even when you discovered the subtle visual clues (and the outright revelatory terminals scattered through Halo 3), the information was imparted in a very disjointed form – although deliberately so, in Halo 3.

Ascendant Justice is a Halo blog that I stumbled upon from a link provided by by Bungie themselves in a recent news post, and it finally, and incontrovertibly, proves that Halo 3 had a lot more going on than was immediately obvious. If you’re a Halo fan, it’s an invaluable resource. If not, it serves as proof that, although poorly presented, the script of Halo trilogy wasn’t nearly as shallow as a lot of people thought. The site contains a detailed synopsis of the history of the Haloverse, delving into the questions that were supposedly left unanswered by the game.

At any rate, it’s clearly a labour of love by someone very passionate about their gaming, and that’s something I can understand – for any series.

If you run across similar websites for your favourite franchises, send them in to [email protected] and we’ll link them here for all and sundry.

Last Updated: June 4, 2008

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