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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Eight big ways that the victory royale game has changed

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NEW FORTNITE, WHO DIS? The biggest game on the planet has just hit the reset button, and in its place is Fortnite Chapter Two. Slightly different in a visual sense, it’s still the same game of last man standing as you work your way towards a victory royale…and yet there’s a whole new game underneath that layer of familiarity as well. So what’s really changed? Well here’s a quick rundown of the eight biggest changes to hit the Epic Games smash hit battle royale.

A new map to explore in more ways than one

Well let’s get the biggest one out of the way first: A whole new world, shining shimmering and splendid! Tell me princess, when last did Disney sue your pants off? Yup, say goodbye to the Fortnite map that was home for ten seasons of play, as Chapter 2’s location has a fresh new look and locations to visit now that the black hole has subsided.

That means new strategy, new habits to learn and old ones to break. Which on an exploratory level, has reset the community back to square one and kind of even footing. Neat.

Tactical stealth espionage

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Tired of being blindsided by other players? Then it’s time to get sneaky, as you’re now able to do a little of the ol’ Assassin’s Creed and hop into haystacks or dumpsters. Even better, Fortnite Chapter Two’s set decorator must have been Michael Bay because there’s a smattering of explosive barrels about the place, just waiting to be popped when the opposing side gets too close to them.

Water water everywhere!

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You’re not afraid of getting wet, are you? Good, because there’ are now a ton of water activities to take part in, ranging from fishing to swimming and piloting boats that happen to be decked out in all manner of guns. That’s the real way to fish, according to my grandfather who lost several limbs using dynamite for bait.


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Look, not all of us are quick on the trigger finger or can whip up a shelter that would be featured on Grand Designs. Now I’m not pointing fingers, but I am staring into a mirror and realising how useless I am as a DPS player. What I may finally be useful for though, is a chance to keep my team patched up with the Bandage Bazooka. Shooting off healing rounds of magic health, players can save a friend with a boost of life and even carry wounded comrades out of harm’s way. Finally! A chance to earn some love from my team and they’re all dead because I got distracted. Oh well.

No more return to the lobby waiting between rounds

You’ve landed, you just picked up a trash tier weapon and you’re already eliminated. Fret not! In the past you would have been booted straight back to the lobby and forced to wait for a new round, but Fortnite Chapter Deux now allows for players to hop straight into another game without having to go through the middleman route. Just one more match guys, which I know is something I’ve been saying for the last 76 matches in a row now.

Everyone gets a great weapon thanks to upgrades

Tired of running around with the standard green-tier weapons while your friends find elite quality gear? Thanks to the new upgrade bench, you’re able to not only add some wicked new flavour to what you have on hand, you’re also able to access your arsenal quicker and more efficiently than ever before thanks to a redesign in your inventory.

Blue chests hold the best gear

On the other hand, you could straight-up luck your way towards a new rare gun with blue chests that hold the rarest of weapons. Top-tier stuff is hidden inside of them, so keep an eye open.

Earning XP just got better

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Lastly, there’s the Battle Pass. The system of paying chump change for a license to earn rare loot through action, the Battle Pass now gives players a chance to earn medals as well. Eliminate anyone in your way, search a few chests and tick off challenges to grind out some XP and be rewarded with fancy new medals along the Survivor, Battle and Scavenger classes.

Last Updated: October 16, 2019


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  4. Yozzie

    October 16, 2019 at 14:32

    “The system of paying chump change for a license to earn rare loot”

    So whats the cost of this chump change?


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