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Fortnite’s new Party mode ditches guns for a chill island vibe

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By its very nature, Fortnite is a competitive game. It’s you, an island and 99 other bastards who can instantly morph into a house when you shoot at them, like a Michael Bay directed episode of Grand Designs. The thing is, the recent Travis Scott concert proved that Fortnite can be more than just a hub for mayhem, mystery and last man standing showdowns thanks to it drawing in over 27.7 million eyeballs.

It can also be a world where players can chill out in. Fortnite’s biggest moments have come from those events where players put down their weapons and watched concerts performed, giant robots clash and reality itself end. Which is why Epic Games is looking to focus on that social side of Fortnite, with a new Party Mode that was revealed to content creators in a new email. An email which apparently forgot to include a non-disclosure agreement so the influencers went wild with that reveal.

Dataminers got wind of this and whipped up a sneak peek of what could be in store…right now actually.

Testing is underway currently for Party Royale (Cheers PC Gamer), but if you’re looking to explore the world of Fortnite and not get a bullet to the head, there you go! Time to take a scenic tour. And build that dream home of mine virtually, thanks to the lottery screwing me over yet again.

Last Updated: April 30, 2020

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