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FortressCraft site hit with massive coincidence bomb, on the day that Minecraft launched on the Xbox 360

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Geoff said that he wanted to be in Minecraft, so I chopped him up into 8 bits.

By now, if you’re an avid fan of the Xbox Live marketplace, then you’ve no doubt purchased the quirky and charismatic world-building title, Minecraft. The game has been a massive success for developer for Markus “Notch” Person and his team, and of course, has inspired quite a few imitations.

One such blatant imitation is FortressCraft, which is about as subtle as a Chinese flea market when it comes to copying ideas. And while Minecraft has had a decent Xbox 360 launch, Fortresscraft has suffered from a rather unfortunate and coincidentally well-timed DDOS attack on its website, prompting the following response from its creator, Adam Sawkins.

“Fuck you and your ‘community’, @Notch,” Sawkins tweeted shortly after the site went down harder than the Greek economy. While Sawkins has made quite a bit of dough with FortressCraft, his success has not been without controversy, as the Minecraft community has accused for plagiarism, numerous times.

Sawkins has always denied those claims, saying that whatever FortressCraft borrows from Minecraft, is exactly what Minecraft borrows from other games. “We know *who* it was, but sadly we didn’t get a note in the post saying WHY,” Sawkins said to Eurogamer after the attack.

We’ve sailed over our cap for the month so far, and are going through the process of talking to the police about it. Under British law, yes [the police can act on the attack]. Hacking is a fairly serious crime over here, and it’s not a personal site, it’s a business site.

Loss of earnings, all that crap. I personally wouldn’t have bothered, but the guy who does my website is FLAMING over it!

I like the cut of Mr Sawkins jib. From now on, when anything goes wrong in my life, I’m going to blame Notch for it.


Last Updated: May 11, 2012

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