Forza 3 developers rag on Gran Turismo

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Dan Greenawalt, the franchise director on the Forza project, has decided it’s now time for a full frontal attack on Gran Turismo during an interview with

According to Dan, Kazunori Yamauchi the CEO of Polyphony Digital hasn’t done anything for him for years and he is extremely confident of Forza 3’s success thanks to Gran Turismo not showing up to the E3 party this year.

While Forza 3 has had an October release confirmed we are still waiting with baited breath for a set date for Gran Turismo 5.

He didn’t stop there however and had the following choice statements

“We watched the Sony press conference and we were like, OK so we just brought what we believe firmly is the best racing game ever made, and our competition didn’t show up. So now you can see why I’m fairly bullish. I hate to sound so cocky but the truth is the stars have aligned. I don’t know how else to say it”

and then when asked if he was surprised about Sony’s conference Dan Greenawalt had this to say

“Absolutely. Kazunori Yamauchi-san is someone I have tremendous respect for. I have tremendous respect for the work of team, but I am a GT fan. I bought my first car that I stressed out about buying because I played it in Gran Turismo. I’m in this industry because of that game.”

“That said, as a fan of the series, he hasn’t done anything for me in years. So in many ways he’s handing the baton to me. He probably doesn’t see it that way, but I do, because I believe that I’m now taking what he ignited in me as a passion, and taking it to a much, much, much broader level. I’m not saying it’s necessarily larger yet, but definitely broader, younger, older, men, women. So I’m really excited.”

I always love a batle so lets hope that Gran Turismo takes the bait and bites back.

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: June 10, 2009

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  • darthdad

    ummm, ok. While I really enjoy Forza, and FM3 is looking really good. In my opinion it is not in the same league as GT. I like to see the devs talking up there products, but this comes across as a bit childish. I for one hope PD don’t respond. :unsure:

  • easy

    “so lets hope that Gran Turismo takes the bait and bites back”

    i hope not! like darthdad said, its childish.
    talk up your product, thats fine, but doing while bashing an equally impressive game looks like they need to talk it up because the game itself needs it. not very good imo.

    enough fanboy nonsense and just appreciate the fact that both consoles will have racing games with stunning visuals coupled with hours and hours of fun.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Rome wasnt built in a day?

  • Lupus

    Why is Forza not in the same league as GT? Forza 2 has better model, physics and of course feels more realistic, instead of just bouncing off cars, you actually get a sense of crunch and oh crap. I used to love GT, but Forza changed me, why because GT actually feels more arcady now.

  • Lupus

    I’ve not been a GT fan since I’ve played Forza, I honestly think GT needs a lot to catch up to Forza now. Yes GT might look prettier, but that is it. Forza offers a more realistic racing feeling, also giving a good balance so not to scare of non petrol heads. GT on the other hand feels like Need for Speed circa 1994, so called simulation but not really. I used to love GT but it always got to me about bouncing off other cars, cars handling like bricks where as in real life they handled differently. I’ll standby Forza now more then GT.

  • easy

    what are you basing this on? no one knows what gt5 is going to be like, and saying you’ve played gt5p means nothing seeing as its very basic.
    plus comparing forza2 with gt4 again is not exactly a fair reflection.

    before bashing either game, i would say its best to wait till both are out. then people can start making educated opinions instead of wild speculation and assumption.

  • Lupus

    Have forgotten the paid for demo called prologue.

  • Fox1

    The reason I bought my XBox 360 was because of games like Forza and PGR.

  • janrik

    Forza 2 = running at 60fps, with 300+fps physics calculations …. Nuff said.

  • easy

    you totally missing the point big guy! but if it makes you feel better being bigoted fanboy, then i suppose the point wont make any difference to you 😉
    i’m just happy there are two quality racing games coming my way.

    gt5p running 1080p @ 60fps

  • WitWolfyZA

    Who cares at how much fps the thing runs. Facts still stand, Forza is the best racer to come out so far this generation…

    I find it a bit funny seeing PD going to turn 10’s booth to make notes about Forza 3… Kinda insulting, PD only wanted to make a close enough driving simulator.. And ended up in delay after delay… AFTER DELAY

  • janrik

    LOL. I don’t even play Forza2….

    What FPS does the damage detection use in GT5 P?

    If PD goes the Sony, Mii2 route and add damage modeling to GT5, good for them, but … Forza’s been doing it since the 1st xbox.

    FYI, I’m more of a Burnout Racer than a Sim racer, but Kudo’s to where it is due.

    Forza 1 was a better game to me than Gt4, technically.

    I do not like Forza2, but they did a lot of things right with it and it looks like Forza3 is just taking it further, and that is good.

    Without Forza, GT would never have considered damage modeling to their cars… so we all win.

  • easy

    i totally agree with you regarding forza2, i was disappointed by it, but 3 does seem look the business and worthwhile buy imo.
    pd wanted damage in gt, but due to licensing they couldn’t.. or so they say, who knows.

    its a pity both games are exclusives, because i reckon they would produce better games if the competition was more direct.

  • lans

    forza 3 has only 8 cars on track , no weather effects and comes in 2 discs, how is this better than gt5?
    i also only have the arcade 360 and finding an hdd in south africa is tough these days.

    Really this is not the second coming. I wont be buying forza thats for sure. I’ll buy Need for speed shift and gran turismo 5

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