Forza 3 Shifts 1 Million copies in its First Month

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Microsoft have let us know that Forza Motorsport 3 – the Xbox 360 racing sim we scored high because we’re blind, drivelling fanboys and not because it’s a good game – has sold over a million copies to other blind, drivelling fanboys in its first month.

While Microsoft and Turn 10 would have undoubtedly liked more, it’s not bad at all for a game with a fairly saturated  market. For reference, Forza 2 took 3 months to reach the same figure, and has done lifetime sales of over 4 million. for even more reference, Gran Turismo 4 has to date sold around 10.06 million copies worldwide, with GT5 Prologue having sold roughly as many copies as Forza 2.

Doing their best to make it sound even more impressive, Microsoft have thrown a bunch of facts and figures at us, which you’ll find after the jump.

According to the Redmond folks, the Forza community on Xbox Live has collectively logged over 6.6 million hours playing online in more than 64 million connected sessions while driving over 590 million miles (952 million kilometres) in the game to date. To put that in  to silly perspective, they iterated that "That’s equal to more than three trips from the Earth to the Sun and back!"

Via the magic of Twitter, Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s corporate mouthpiece has divulged even more in the way of empirical data; $18.7 billion spent LTD on Storefront, >4M auction bids, 1.5M items 4 sale." That apparently means something.

Anyway, to celebrate the holidays and to make themselves even more money Turn 10 has released the Holiday pack (Which we told you about earlier), which you can add to your Xbox Live download queue by clicking here, and relinquishing your online wallet of 400 MS Space Bucks.

Last Updated: December 9, 2009

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