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Forza 4 ignores manufacturing data

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It’s no surprise that Forza 4 is Xbox 360’s response to Gran Turismo 5 and with a million fanboys on each side waiting to jump on any mistakes it knows it has to get everything exactly right.

So to do this Turn 10 have decided to completely ignore all the vehicle specs sent to them by the manufacturers themselves…

Why would they just ignore the details being supplied to them by the people who actually make the games, well simply because those details normally come from the marketing department and they are often just lies.

They’ve decided to go out and get the stats themselves or from third party companies that test these vehicles independently. Then if they find something wrong in the suspension, for example, they head off to the guys who make the suspension. Not the car company that uses it but rather the original manufacturers to explain why this is happening.

It’s a good idea really and a nice marketing angle from their side.

What’s also interesting is that the gimmicky Kinect Autovista add in is doing wonders for Turn 10 and Forza’s reputation already. Apparently the head honcho’s of these car companies just love putting their cars up on the projector and walking around them. So much so that Turn 10 are now being approached by all the key players in car companies to ensure they get as much exposure as possible which means we’re going to get pretty much all the cars we want, besides the Porsche,

So there you have it, a gimmick that earned it’s money before the game was released and a developer claiming to ignore the car manufacturers specs because of marketing BS… I’m looking forward to seeing how this is going to be spun by the PS3 fans.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: September 7, 2011

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