Forza 5 in game footage teaser trailer

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There is one game that we know for sure is going to be seeing a lot of screen time this E3 and that’s Microsoft’s GT killer, Forza 5.

So far all we know for sure is that it will be running on the Xbox One and with Sony announcing GT6 is coming to the PlayStation 3 this will be a good measure on how far ahead the next generation of consoles are.

Gran Turismo  6 is expected to be the pinnacle of technical achievement on the PlayStation 3 with the Forza 5 team having in depth knowledge of the Xbox One right from the very beginning. Depending on the end result Forza 5 could be the shining light the Xbox One requires or it could end up convincing people to rather stick around with the existing generation.

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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