Forza 6 focuses on the little, important things

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The Forza Motorsport series has been the premiere simulator racing franchise for a good few years now. Gran Turismo simply can’t compete with turn 10’s immaculate attention to both fun and detail, and it’s going to take a while to see how games like Project Cars and Assetto Crosa have an impact. Regardless, being a racing fan and owning an Xbox One is a good space right now, and it’s getting even better with the finest of details in Forza 6.


Believe me, I chuckled at pre-E3 news of Forza 6 having rendered, 3D puddles as a headlining feature for the sequel. it just seemed to trivial and pointless, but sitting down with Turn 10 in a closed doors showing altered my line of thinking. All it takes is a quick think back to the last time you took a drive in the rain – only to have the back of your car whip out behind you as you hit  deep enough puddle to cause frightening aquaplaning. That sense of fear is what Forza is finally bringing to simulator racing.


Driving in the rain has always been a tricky affair, but having build ups of water around geometrically dipping parts of each tracks intensifies this somewhat. Hit it hard enough, and with enough speed, and you’ll lose control entirely – which makes every tight overtake another risky endeavour. Turn 10 manages to nail this feeling of uncertainty to the highest degree, with vehicles slipping further out of your control the greater the volume of water you find yourself wrestling with. It’s the type of stuff that cars fanatics are going to most certainly miss if it’s not there in future.


Apart from that Forza 6 will also feature, for the first time, fully physics enabled 3D tire walls, which explode into rubber chaos when you happen to take an unexpected pit stop in them. The type of destruction is, again, a finer detail on a feature that’s always been there – merely enhancing a barrier that would otherwise stop you in your tracks without any fanfare.


It is, however, still very much grounded in the realm of simulation, as the Motorsport brand of the franchise has been known for. Players will be able to experiences over 450 cars in Forzavista view, with a personalised look at interiors, exteriors and everything in-between. The series will also contain Stories of Motorsport – offering you the chance to drive and sometimes recreate famous motor sporting events either a variety of cars, modifiers and weather settings.

It’s all part of a package that Turn 10 is promising to deliver at 1080p and 60FPS when Forza 6 launches later this year on Xbox One. Night and wet racing might sound like small enhancements, but Forza 6 is aiming to use them in creating the most advanced simulation yet. And it’s got me impressed already.

Last Updated: June 23, 2015

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