Forza Horizon is going off-road

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I swear that's mud on the screen...

I’ve been looking forward to Forza Horizon for a while now, and the recent demo has me feeling quite happy so far with the bastard love child of GRiD, Project Gotham Racing and several Top Gear challenges. While I’m not sold on the drunken steering,it’s still all good under the hood, and on the track. And also, off it.

Remember that season pass that costs almost as much as the game itself? It’s going to have a stack of content within it, and one such pack is the Rally DLC, which takes place during an “immersive and authentic” rally racing session in Colorado, that has roads consisting of “deeper ruts” and “higher jumps”.

Oh, and some new cars of course, specifically “rally-tuned” vehicles for the down and dirty racing. It’ll be all be out on December 18, and if you don’t have the season pass, you’ll be paying around $20 for the privilege of getting some mud on your treads.

Maybe this DLC pack will include the simulation options that has a couple of Forza fans disillusioned so far.

Last Updated: October 18, 2012

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