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Forza Horizon Launch Trailer

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The open-world sandbox Forza spinoff Horizon will only be getting to us towards the end of the month – which no doubt makes petrolheads who like a slice of arcade racing a little sad – because frankly, the game looks great – even if its makers are trying to fleece you by charging nearly as much for the game’s dlc as they are for the game.

Here’s the game launch trailer – showing you some open-road Forza. I’m notoriously terrible at racing games, but even I’m sold. It’s like the bastard child of a ménage-a-trois betwixt Forza, PGR and Test Drive Unlimited, with a dash of Burnout Paradise for good measure.

Those of you who just can’t wait will be able to sample the game in demo form next week, and those who who download the demo and then purchase and play the full game online will bag themselves an exclusive 2013 SRT Viper GTS to drive in-game.

Hooray for free stuff!

Last Updated: October 2, 2012

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