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Fragrant future beckons for web (and games?)

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The hi-tech panel behind the report believed that, by 2015, the net will be used to deliver data about smells to a fragrance cartridge sitting next to a computer or other device accessing the net.

After reading a report on the BBC website about a panel of tech guys who think that by 2015 we will be able to send smells over the net, it got me thinking about whether we want this or not…

I could imagine that in some games this could be quite an interesting option. Could you imagine walking around your garden in Viva Pinata and smelling the flowers and sweets all around you. It would make for a more immersive environment really. Then I got thinking about smelling the rotting corpses in GOW and suddenly the idea doesn’t sound so great anymore…

They have been talking about smells coming through the TV for years and that has never happened so I am hesitant to say the least that this will ever take off….

If it ever does though they better make it optional at least….

Source: BBC NEWS | Technology | Fragrant future beckons for web

Last Updated: March 1, 2007

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