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Free Comic Book Day 2015 – A blast of comics, cosplay and cramped corridors

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You all know how I love comic books. From Marvel and DC, through to IDW and Dark Horse, I think the comic book medium is an important part of human history. And certainly more important than the art of those damn abstract expressionists, whose Jackson Pollock statue I regularly deface in an attempt to prove this. But one thing I’d never done, was to actually attend the gateway drug of comic book events, Free Comic Book Day. Partly because I happen to live in a part of the country which regards comic books as “dem fancy picture books”. This year however, I decided to change things up.


By actually attending the FCBD event that’s held annually at Reader’s Den. And man, what an experience it was. Make no mistake, FCBD at Stadium on Main was packed. The venue was pretty much bursting at the seams, with lines snaking all over the mall as fans queued up to get their hands on the free promotional comic books that were being handed out. And I couldn’t blame them. From classic comic books to primers for upcoming big events such as Marvel’s Secret Wars, there was a ton of material for newcomers to sink their fangs into.


But best of all, there were a ton of kids looking to get some free comics as well. And those kids are the future audience of the comic book industry, so kudos to all the parents who waited in line with their young ones to get them started. From there, people could see local artists weaving their magic, get their hands on comic books with a national flavour and shop at various stalls. It was pretty much the geekier side of rAge, boiled down to the comic book essentials.


And of course, there was a ton of cosplay on offer. I’m used to seeing the Joburg side of dressing up when it comes to cosplay events, but the Cape Town community did not disappoint. Anime characters stole the show as usual, with a few Daredevils, Deadpools and Spider-Men also making an appearance. The Redtie Guy was on hand to actually capture all the cosplay madness that was present. Check it out for yourself!

If I had one complaint, it’s that FCBD is clearly too big for its current location. There were easily thousands of people present, clogging up the mall and making the venue hotter than ground zero at Pompei. Clearly, a change of location is needed. And right there, is a golden opportunity for Cape Town to get a convention of its own to rival rAge itself. FCBD is one hell of a great angle, but throwing in proper gaming support as well? Now that’s something that I’d attend annually.

Last Updated: May 4, 2015

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