Free games coming to Xbox Live

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If the rumours are to be believed there is a big change coming to Xbox Live and it’s more than likely going to increase the amount of time your non-gaming partner spends on your console.

According to the rumours Microsoft is mulling over the idea of allowing free to play games to be released on the console, these aren’t just free games but rather the casual styled games that have taken over the world.

The ones where the original game is free but to improve or get a better experience you just need to buy that tiny thing that only costs a few cents and then that other thing.. and just one more.

I’m talking about micro-transactions which have made companies like Zynga (Farmville, Cityville) billions and companies like Evony enough money to continue to fight the lawsuits and make those awesome sexy adverts.

Hopefully the rumour is true, the more merrier when it comes to gaming, and that developers won’t forget about us in their rush to grab the pennies off your mom.

However if this does happen you can also expect Activision to begin charging for everything they can in Call of Duty, would you pay an extra R2 to get more powerful bullets?

Source: GameInformer

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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