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Friday Debate – How much do you think the PS5 and Xbox Series X is going to cost?

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Do you remember where you were when you got your last console? I still vividly remember picking up my PlayStation 4 at the end of 2013. It was the freshest of mornings, I was standing in a line with other delightful nerds that didn’t require us to be separated by a distance of one Shawn Michaels and this was the day. This was the first time in my life that I’d managed to scratch together enough cash to own a new console on launch day.

I’d starved myself and pinched many a penny throughout the year, but here I was: A debit card filled with enough cash for a new console and a fresh game, my order had been reserved at CNA and I was ready to make some personal history. For around R7000 if my memory of that day is still right, I got fancy new technology and a copy of the delightful Killzone: Shadow Fall, leading to one glorious weekend of next-gen gaming.

It was a ton of cash at the time to spend, but I like to think that I got my money back and then some with the PlayStation 4. A couple of years later, and it’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful bladed box that I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of games on. I’ve got a savings account that I’ve been putting cash into for launch day. Here’s the thing: I’ve got no idea how much I’m supposed to squirrel away.

The obvious answer is a lot. If history is anything to go by, day one adoption of the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 ain’t going to be cheap. On launch, the current generation of consoles would set you back the prettiest of pennies: A kitted out Xbox One with the Kinect peripheral that totally stood the test of time, was priced at R7999 ($399 in the US of A), while the PS4 retailed at R6299 at retail.

If you had to highball the US price for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it wouldn’t be unheard of to see those consoles go for the $499 price, even in a world where such items have become the most luxurious of goods to acquire. If you did a straight dollar conversion, that’d work out to roughly R8300 give or take, a sum that will increase when the consoles arrive locally.

I’m placing a bet right now that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will retail above the R10, 000 mark, maybe so far as R12, 000 if I’ being optimistic. Once all the relevant taxes and shipping charges have been applied, console gaming becomes even more expensive with each new generation. How much do you reckon these machines will go for? How much are you willing to pay, and what do you think a fair price is for this new hardware?

Sound off below. Or hug me when I realise that I’ve run out of organs to sell on the black market to fund my gaming kicks.

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

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