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Friday Debate – How would you reboot E3?

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It’s an E3 month…but technically, it isn’t. This year’s gaming extravaganza was put on hold due The Happening, a worldwide catastrophe of literally viral proportions that ended an unbroken run of two decades. Love it or hate it, E3 in it prime was magnificent: A beast of gaming news, reveals and fandom that served as the Wrestlemania of this industry.

Even if the world hadn’t been dropped by the ultimate play of a Global no-scope Covid-19 kill, E3 in its 2020 form was still looking to be a husk of its former self, a pale imitation of the show that had become a legend in the 2000s and reached a glorious high in the 2010s before it all came tumbling down like a house of cards in an industrial fan factory.

The E3 that many of us grew up with, that so many people around the world yearned to one day visit…is no more. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t live again! As a brand name, the power behind that trio of vowels is unmatched. Other gaming shows may be bigger and better, but E3 still has a certain sense of mythical awesomeness attached to it that made it the premiere event on the gaming calendar.

Situated right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, having a week of unrestrained gaming joy was a sight to behold back then. So here’s the scene: The almighty F5 key stands before you, you slap it with gusto and you’re given a blank canvas on which to reimagine the show. What do you do? How do you restore it to its legendary state?

I’ve got a few ideas: For one, keep it open to the public. There’s more than enough room in the Los Angeles Convention Center for fans, industry and media, much like what you see at Gamescom. Two: Get the big players back on the showfloor, or at least have them as close to the LACC as is physically possible. Three: Use Geoff as a ramp for the local skateboarders outside, for maximum entertainment.

These are good ideas dammit! I’m curious though, what would you do if you were handed the keys to the LACC? How would you restore E3 to its golden days? And most importantly, would you let a drunk Jamie Kennedy lead a game reveal panel again?

Or would you allow Konami to host a cringe-fest again?

Sound off below, and tell us how you’d run the show of shows.

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Last Updated: June 19, 2020

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