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Friday Debate: The PS4 is too dominant

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Remember when people were saying that consoles were dead? How wrong those people were. With each generation, consoles continue to thrive, and this one is no exception. The PS4 has sold phenomenally well, and even the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are performing nicely. With more power than ever, games that were previously PC exclusives are making their way to consoles, so even PS4 or Xbox One gamers can play The Sims 4.

But one console is definitely dominant this generation. It seems that PlayStation can do no wrong with the PS4 – people continue to buy it and globally it continues to outsell the Xbox at a ridiculous rate. The Nintendo Switch is shattering all expectations for sales, but that doesn’t mean those numbers come anywhere near the PS4. It’s most people’s second console, with the primary one being a PS4 (or maybe Xbox One) and secondary being a Nintendo Switch, or VR setup.

It’s clear that the PS4 has “won” this generation’s console war. With so much focus on PS4, though, are many gamers missing out? The Nintendo Switch has some truly stellar games, to the point where Geoff is more happy and excited talking about Zelda Breath of the Wild than he is about Horizon Zero Dawn. Sure, he’s wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone who is purely focused on the PS4 is missing out on some truly stellar experiences on other platforms.

Most people can’t afford multiple gaming platforms, and while PC still reigns supreme in many senses, the PS4 is the increasingly popular among hard core and more casual gamers alike. But without any real competition from other consoles, is Sony being allowed to pretty much get away with anything they like? Is the PlayStation 4 simply too dominant? And what could this mean for the next generation of consoles?

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Last Updated: July 28, 2017

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