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Friday Debate: What do you miss about the “good old days” of gaming?

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Something I’ve seen quite often (especially when talk of how much money DLC makes arises) is older gaming yearning for the “good old days,” some sort of nostalgic pining for an idyllic halcyon era when gaming was pure.

Or something.

The most common thing I see is that people wish for complete games – but I don’t think developers purposefully yank content out of games to resell it later as DLC. Not anymore. That stuff tends to come along later. In fact, I think gaming’s golden days are right now. We’ve got games that look and play better than they ever have before, with new technologies enabling new experience. Sure, much of it is just the same guff as ever, just prettier. But there is a lot about “the old days” that I do miss.

Mostly, I miss the excitement of being huddled around an arcade machine, playing Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat II. The weird sense of community that instilled is a far cry from the post-Gamergate Us vs Them splinter we have today.

It’s something Kervyn agree with, saying:

“I miss gaming arcades. They’re still around, but they’re dusty relics. I remember what a big fuss it was when a brand new big game was rolled into the arcade. I still remember having to elbow my way through a crowd to get my first glimpse of Virtua Fighter at N1 City Wonderland. More than that, I miss the innocent excitement of just running from game to game with a pocket full of 50c coins or tokens.”

Trevor also agrees that gaming today is good.

“I love the games we get today. They’re better looking, story-telling has advanced by leaps and bounds, game play has evolved and improved, and we have so much choice when it comes to what we play. Here’s what I miss though as a PC gamer: not basically needing to wait a year to play the latest AAA title because it needs to be patched and have all its content released.”

Noelle, meanwhile, misses variety and the ability to just put a disc into a machine and play – without having to download patches, install things or wait around.

But you tell us! What do you miss about the golden days of gaming?

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Last Updated: August 4, 2017

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