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Friday Debate – Which game would you like to see given the Final Fantasy VII Remake treatment?

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Never ever underestimate the power of nostalgia. By the sound of things, Final Fantasy VII Remake is selling gangbusters right now, joining a growing collection of high-profile games which are taking the best of the past and remixing them for a new generation. Remasters may have (and probably will continue) dominated the 2010s by taking the base game from the last generation of consoles and updating them for current gaming technology, but proper remakes are a ballsier method for introducing a cult classic to a new crop of potential converts.

It’s not enough to just redo the original game with a new graphical engine. There need to be some cha-cha-changes along the way, quality of life improvements and alterations that suit a younger audience. You can’t remake an omelette without breaking a few holy eggs along the way! In that context, I think Final Fantasy VII Remake has established itself as the de facto template for what a fresh stab at a beloved game should be.

It’s both nostalgic and new, it mixes classic gameplay with more action-orientated ideas built on the decades of Final Fantasy that came after it. So which game would you like to see given that treatment? Which beloved property would you be chomping at the bit for if it was rebuilt completely from the ground up and wasn’t afraid to change its story as well? Capcom fans are begging for a new Dino Crisis ala the recent Resident Evil remakes, I’d commit war crimes to see Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast reimagined and Kervyn reckons that we’re well overdue for an MDK remake.

There’s so much out there, so many treasured games that could benefit from a revival. So sound off below. Tell us which icon of the past you’d fling your credit card at if it looked shinier, played better and you weren’t afraid of the story deviating from what you originally experienced. And yes, the right answer is indeed Final Fantasy 8 Remake.

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Last Updated: April 17, 2020

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