Frivolous Lawsuit Mania : WTF Edition

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You no doubt remember Erik Estavillo, the serial suer who unsuccessfully tried to sue Sony – and then set his sights on Microsoft and Nintendo? It seems he’s either batsh*t insane, or has no idea when to stop – and my money’s on him being completely off his rocker.

He’s now taken aim at Activision-Blizzard – and more specifically World of Warcraft.

The complaint charges the company with “deceitful” business practices, saying that Activision-Blizzard “continues to maintain a harmful virtual environment to many of its customers by forcing them to follow the game’s sneaky and deceitful practices.” One of Estavillo’s primary claims is that World of Warcraft is designed so that patrons “have to walk or run at a calculated slow pace, resulting in the player taking longer to get where he or she needs to go in the game.”

It’s this almost recumbent pace, according the plaintiff, that leads to a longer time needed to finish game play or quests, in turn leading to more subscription revenue for Activision Blizzard. This is, of course, a revelation. Estavillo also complains that players are not granted access to faster transportation until they reach higher levels, or purchase an expansion pack.

Now comes the “WTF” moment – Citing his laundry list of afflictions again (OCD, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, major depression and Crohn’s Disease) and his need for videogames to keep him happy, he’s subpoenaed – and this is the bit that alerted me to the fact that he’s a completely loon -  Depeche Mode’s Martin Lee Gore and actress Winona Ryder to provide testimony on his behalf.

He selected Gore because “he himself has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated as can be seen in the songs he writes,” and Winona Ryder to “explain the significance of alienation in Catcher in the Rye and will also testify to how alienation in the book can tie to alienation in real live/video games such as World of Warcraft.”

I..err…umm…I actually have no words.

Source : Gamepolitics

Last Updated: November 26, 2009

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