From Dust DRM removed, your time has come pirates

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When Ubisoft released From Dust and people realised it had always on DRM the pirates of the Internet celebrated, they could now show their filthy faces for a short time and justify their nefarious practices.

If only there were no DRM, they cried, we would then buy all our games..

So now’s your time, Ubisoft has now released a patch that will remove the always on DRM from From Dust and allow you to play to your hearts content while not connected to the Internet.

Unfortunately I’d say the grand total of pirates who are now going to buy a legit version of the game will stand at about 1, since we all know that the only reason you are pirating in the first place is because you have some massively misplaced self entitlement issues and are simply just cheap.

But for us normal people this is a nice move from Ubisoft as we don’t always have Internet connectivity on our laptops and this sort of DRM really is overkill.

Source: Steam

Last Updated: September 9, 2011

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