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From Software’s leaked Project Beast

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Rumors have been circulating for a while that the next game from From Software won’t be another Dark Souls, but rather a new Demon’s Souls. Now perhaps we should start calling it Beast Souls. Or Dark Beasts. Or Demon’s Beasts. Or just accept it’s going to be “You Will Die from Beasts”.

Over on NeoGaf, a bunch of pictures have emerged that appear to show off a new project with the working title “Project Beast”. Considering that Dark Souls had the working title “Project Dark”, perhaps this is pointing towards From Software’s Beast Souls. However, based on the aesthetic, it could very well be a Demon’s Souls 2.

I died far too much in Demon’s Souls – even more than in Dark Souls. That game was simply unforgiving, and required grinding at a level I haven’t seen since old school JRPGs, but it had fantastic level design and was a seriously rewarding game once you slogged through. It was clearly the jumping off point for Dark Souls and its sequel. If From Software can take what they’ve learned from those two games and apply it to a reimagining of Demon’s Souls, they could be onto something really interesting.

Looking at the pictures, which could turn out to be faked images, it seems a bit odd – is the main character wielding a katana and a shotgun? It certainly looks gothic in design, perhaps this is some strange steam punk version of the Demon’s Souls universe? Or maybe that isn’t a gun but some other alternative weapon/shield. What can you make out from the images? Do you think this is the real deal?

Project beast 1Project beast 2Project beast 3Project beast 4Project beast 5Project beast 6Project beast 7Project beast 8Project beast

Last Updated: May 5, 2014

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